Shing refrigeration company construction: all assembled cold storage, cold storage construction, drying libraries, cars, cargo hold, refrigeration plant and ponds; installation of central air-conditioning; maintenance of all refrigeration machinery; operation of industrial chillers, refrigeration units, humidifiers and dehumidifiers . Shing cited the world's most advanced refrigeration equipment and technology, combined with extensive experience Shing refrigeration specialists to design a low-cost, high-quality, in line with the project you are using. We also use the scientific management, to provide you with quality and efficient service. Currently Shing refrigeration projects have been widely used in food processing, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, fisheries, animal husbandry, medicine, tea, vegetables, fruits, flowers, trade, various types of factories to meet all types of customer needs. For the majority of users to add value, to create unlimited wealth.

We have established the warranty service points in cities across the country, following a cold all parts of the country.

Shing insisted:

Reputation first, efficiency first, service-oriented, customer-oriented service purposes!

Shing commitments:

Our construction of the project one year warranty, two-year compressor warranty.


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